Honda CR-V Maintenance Schedule

Honda CR-V

Everybody knows that the 2017 Honda CR-V is anything but a fickle car, yet even the Honda CR-V needs some tender loving care once in a while. However, it can sometimes seem difficult to figure out just when. Luckily, the Honda CR-V features built in maintenance reminders, which help you arrange for the sort of maintenance schedule that will best ensure the continued health of your Honda CR-V. Read on for the details, and then stop by Honda of Casper for all your servicing needs.

The CR-V’s Maintenance Minders

Working on CarThe sort of Maintenance Minder messages you receive will depend in part on whether you have a model with an information display screen or a driver information interface.

In the first case, the Maintenance Minder indicator will flash a message on the display every time that you turn your vehicle on. (You can pres the TRIP know in the instrument panel to change displays.)

In the second case, the System Message Indicator will show a message on the display every time you turn the car on. Regardless, though, your message will include a code that suggests what has to be done. For example, if the code includes an “A,” then you’ll need to replace engine oil, and if it displays a “B,” you’ll have to (e.g.) replace engine oil and oil filters, or inspect front and rear brakes, or inspect any one of a number of other items, including tie rod ends, steering gearboxes, or suspension components.

The code will also include a number to indicate the kind of maintenance needed. For example, a 1 means you need to rotate your tires, while a 2 means you need to replace a cleaner element or inspect the drive belt. (You can consult your vehicle guide for more information.)

Explore More Details Today at Honda of Casper

In order to find out more about the maintenance schedule of your Honda CR-V and its maintenance minders, we urge you to pay a visit to our Honda of Casper dealership, where you’ll be able to talk to knowledgeable staff about how to ensure that your CR-V stays in tip-top condition. Likewise, if your car is in need of maintenance, we can help out. Explore our servicing options here, and also be sure to read up on our Express Service Elite deals. Then, schedule a servicing visit, and we’ll have your CR-V back in prime condition in no time whatsoever!