Affordable Tire Rotation Service Thanks to Honda of Casper

Tire Rotation

Uneven tire wear can reduce the amount of time your tires function for, putting you and your vehicle at greater risk for other malfunctions. Moreover, many drivers may not be aware their vehicle needs tire rotations to keep it in strong condition, especially if this is your first car. Don’t put you and your vehicle at undue risk — schedule a tire rotation appointment with the service experts at Honda of Casper today, and save money in the short and long term. Learn more about tire rotations and why they matter below.

What is a Tire Rotation?

Basically, rotating your tires means switching up the sides of the car where they’re placed. This helps prevent wear. Tire rotations are a simple, quick service that pay off in a huge way — we only need some stands, a car jack and some basic hand tools like a wrench to get them done. The entire process will take about twenty minutes, and we follow these steps:

  • Engage the parking brake – This is sort of a no-brainer, but if we forget it, we’re risking some serious injury.
  • Loosen the lug nuts on the wheels – First, we loosen the lug nuts enough that taking them off will be easy once the car is jacked up.
  • Lift one wheel with the jack and insert the jack stand beneath it – We like to keep things simple and safe for your car and our technicians — we only need to use one jack per wheel.
  • Remove the tires and rotate them – This is where we take action: We remove the lug nuts, remove the tire(s), and then rotate them according to the right method for the particular type of tire you have. (This will depend on whether you have directional or non-directional tires.) When we’re done rotating the tires, we put them back on, and screw on the lug nuts halfway or so.
  • Lower the car back down – Finally, when we’re done, we simply lower the car back down to the ground and tighten the lug nuts so you’re good to go.
Tire Rotation

Stop By Honda of Casper for Your Tire Rotations Today!

Don’t wait a second more to take care of your vehicle — schedule an appointment with our service technicians today for an affordable tire rotation. If you have any questions about this our any service specials we may have available, contact us to speak with a representative. We look forward to helping you stay safe on the Casper roads!